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New Year's Gifts For My Family

It is a new year - 2011 now. Wow - we're much more closer to the end of the world 2012. Just a joke! After a whole year hard working, we're all tired and want to have a good holiday. My parents did so much for me in last 2011 year, so I prepared some presents for them.

1. Ugg Boots For each

As a kind of sheepskin boots, Ugg boots have all the advantages the winter boots should have. They're not only extremely warm and cozy, but also fashion and stylish. They're suitable for men, women and kids as well. My parents are almost 50 years. I wonder they may a litter bit afraid of cold weather, so I hope these Ugg boots can keep their feet warm. And these boots really did that to my parents.

2. Two tickets to Australia

This is the best time for travelling. In this period, people should have a great rest both physically and psychologically. We could travel around the world in this period, every year a country. This year I chose Australia for my parents as they love Kangaroos and koalas. Moreover, they're looking forward to seeing Sydney Opera House long time ago. Opera House must be one of the most recognisable images of the modern world - up there with the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building - and one of the most photographed.

Do you prepare a present for your parents? They're old and worked so hard for their half life. So we should let them enjoy their life. As for us, the young people - we still have a long time to enjoy.