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Information Regarding Packaging and Delivery of Dog Tags

Packaging and delivery is an essential matter when purchasing a valuable item. With the packaging, it will create the total look of the item so if it is presented in a nice manner, it will be an added plus on its value. With delivery, time is of the essence, AT ALL TIMES. Which is why, when a seller tells the buyer that the item is available at this certain date, the seller should be true to his word. Moreover, we will be citing the questions you want to be answered regarding packaging and delivery of a customized dog tag.

Question 1: How long does dog tag jewelry be engraved, processed and delivered?

Answer: Engravings are done in a day, depending on the number of orders in a particular business day. But if you chose not to have yours engraved then your orders will come in faster. Basically, standard time of processing takes about 2 to 3 business days. If ever you will order on a Friday or Saturday, the dog tag necklace will then be delivered to you 4 days from that date because Sundays are not considered as business days for most sellers. Some will also have a cut off time ordering so that will also matter in terms of the delivery time.

Question 2: How will the dog tags be packed?

Answer: You have two options: If you choose to buy it with a packaging box which you intend to be given as a gift then they will give you a choice of boxes that you can order as well. Then this will be carefully packed again using materials that are durable to stand a long flight. If you choose not to order a box, then they have standard plain boxes which the dog tag pendants can rest on. Same shipping quality is given to this as well.

Question 3: In case of engraving errors, can the customer still return them?

Answer: A big yes. Errors on the dog tag engravings can be returned and are to be fixed by the companies. Just make sure that you will be specific of the changes so that you can avoid such mishaps again. However, the companies will not shoulder the shipping cost and taxes of the re-fixed item.

Question 4: What happens if the customer is not satisfied with the delivered dog tag?

Answer: This is a big loss for each company, having an unsatisfied customer. But they have rules which you need to follow. They will give you a time frame as to when you can still return the item. The No return, No exchange policy can be adjusted when it comes to this matter. Make sure you read the guidelines on the items that are "returnable" and then you can rest your case.